Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Venus and Her Siblings


 Since Venus has virtually stopped with the grumbling and hissing and has actually even been friendly and happy appearing, we let her come into the kitchen for a bit, under our close supervision of course, to visit with her siblings.  Venus decided that the "big kid" water bowl was just fascinating, and Spyder is perfectly content to dine next to her.  She is completely at ease around the dogs and they have already very easily accepted her into the family "pack" - naturally with such a size difference we continue to monitor all interactions between them though, at least until she is older, bigger and her spay incision has completely healed.

Steve and I continue to have "quality time" petting sessions with her a few times a day, once in the mornings before we leave for work, and then a couple of times in the evenings after we get home and before bed.  She really seems to enjoy those, and lately has even been letting Andy get in on the attention as well, with no growling, hissing or aggressive swatting!

Andy himself has just been the most amazing little gentleman.  He has continued to show absolutely no signs of aggression, resentment, jealousy or anxiety, remaining the calm, sweet, loving little boy he has always been.  In fact, even Venus seems to be coming around to realize just what a special and loving friend he is.  New photos are HERE and the earlier ones remain HERE.


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