Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Photo Album Updated

Andy loves boxes Spyder My photo album has been updated finally!  Andy continues to love playing in boxes, particularly those that are almost too small to accommodate him!  Meanwhile, Spyder still enjoys showing off and making us laugh.  More pictures of Andy and Spyder are now available HERE - enjoy!


Spyder being silly.

Andy loves boxes

Andy hiding out in the electric toothbrush box!

Falling behind

Wow - I can't believe it's been so many weeks since my last entry.  I really don't like to fall behind like that but sometimes life has its own agenda and we have to follow it.  In the interim since I last wrote, quite a bit has happened.  I turned 45 last month, which I like to view as the transition into my "second adulthood", with the opportunity before me to start over as a grown-up, hopefully learning from mistakes made during my "first adulthood".  With this aging process, I've had many changes in my belief system and ethical values as well, including adopting a completely vegetarian lifestyle with which just feels "right" to me.

 I've also been continuing with my knee exercise program, although the progress has been very slow and frustrating much of the time.  In fact, due to apparently trying to compensate for the weakness in my knee and thigh, I've over-stressed my low back for which I'm currently in physical therapy as well, so now additionally am doing back strengthening exercises along with my knee regimen.  I know there has to be a light at the end of this muscle and joint tunnel somewhere, but I have to admit that it's rather difficult to find it sometimes.  I am continuing my walk/jog program as well as playing tennis regularly, although I still need the knee brace for those activities.  However, I can bicycle without the brace; I just continue to be unable to stand while pedaling.  The surgeon assures me that within several more months - argh - that should improve dramatically.  I certainly hope so!  Steve and I are signing up for a mixed doubles tennis tournament in a couple of weeks, and I just hope that I can be at least a somewhat productive and supportive partner for him in that; and ideally I'll be ready for some singles tennis matches again as well by this summer.

On the animal front, Spyder has now turned seven, although he certainly doesn't act his age.  He still seems like a puppy to me, with the only indication of his advancing years being the overwhelming grey on his muzzle now.  Zoe, at eleven, is beginning to definitely slow down due to her arthritis, but still appears happy and contented, just not quite as zippy as in years past.  Andy, however, is as wild and silly as ever.  He's barely a year old and already over fifteen pounds, yet still lean and trim - he's going to be a long tall kitty when he grows up.  His personality is also really starting to define itself.  He's the most affectionate cat I think I've ever known, and seems very intuitive as far as "reading" the people and animals around him.  He and Spyder love to nap curled up on either side of me, which is very sweet, but getting a bit crowded as neither of them is a small baby any more.  Of course I adore them both and wouldn't want things any other way!