Thursday, August 9, 2007

Countdown to the New Arrival!

After much careful consideration and discussion, we've decided we're ready to adopt another cat from Franklin County Humane Society.  We visited a couple of their rescue kitties, but the one who won our hearts was Benita.  She just doesn't look like a Benita to us, though, so we have renamed her Venus which means love and beauty.  She is going in for her spay procedure tomorrow morning and will probably be ready to come home the following morning after an overnight observation period at the animal hospital.  She's a gorgeous grey tabby who is quite bold and very comfortable with both large dogs and cats, and is just a sweetheart.  To provide her safe refuge during her postsurgical recovery period since she is young and still a bit small, we have set up a kennel for her in our bedroom.  As you can see, Andy is quite interested in this new arrangement and seems completely prepared to be the welcoming committee for his new playmate!


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