Friday, August 10, 2007

The First Evening

p8100086  Surprisingly enough, the veterinarian who performed Venus' spay procedure this morning released her to come home with us late this afternoon.  She is still quite groggy and wobbly this evening as well as understandably irritable.  She has spent the first couple of hours here sleeping in her travel carrier inside her protective kennel in our quiet bedroom, away from the paws of her curious new brothers and sister, but still within smell.  We have been very careful to be at least, if not more than, as affectionate and attentive to Andy, Spyder and Zoe as usual today to reassure them of their exalted status in the household.  Both dogs have been surprisingly nonchalant about the whole "new kitty" thing, while Andy has been cautiously curious but no one has shown even the slightest hint of aggression - well, except Venus herself who will occasionally hiss if someone stares at her too long or gets too close.  However, I understand that totally in light of her postsurgical/anesthetic haze.  She did look up when I came in to take her picture, but is still really sleepy so I just snapped a couple of quick shots and then left her alone to continue her nap.  We've been checking on her about every hour, just to make sure she is not in great distress and so far she seems about as I would expect after surgery.  Our regular vet is aware of her and has given us her emergency numbers in case we have any questions or need any advice or anything, but I think Venus will be just fine and hopefully back to her usual self within the next couple of days.  I'm glad that our resident animals seem so comfortable with her being here and I think once she recuperates sufficiently to interact with them, it's going to be a lot of fun around here!

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