Sunday, December 26, 2004

Another Year Older

Wow - what a busy week it's been! Having a birthday right on top of Christmas certainly makes for an exceptionally active holiday season, so naturally I haven't had much time to write. I am fortunate enough to have a husband who not only makes certain to ensure that my birthday doesn't get lost in the Christmas fervor, but also pretty much celebrates it for the entire month of December! As the weather forecast was looking sketchy for the actual day of December 23, we went for my traditional bike ride the day prior, this time at Crabtree since my knee was aching more than usual. While I was thrilled to be out spending such a gorgeous and unseasonably warm afternoon riding my bike, I was disappointed in how painful and difficult even the simplest stretch of trail was due to my knee. I have my MRI films, but obviously can't make heads or tails of them, and have a follow-up appointment with the orthopedist scheduled for January 5. We spent my actual birthday, December 23, catching up on some things I had been wanting to do, since the weather had taken a turn for the worse and was rainy and dreary. I knew cold weather was approaching and had wanted to get Spyder a horse blanket style coat. After searching everywhere for one in his size to no avail, I couldn't believe my fortune to locate one at Triangle Horse Sports in Raleigh. But not only that, it was the exact brand, model, color, and size I had wanted as my first choice - a green Weatherbeeta Arion in a 24 inch length - and was very reasonably priced! It fits Spyder like a glove, is totally weatherproof, and looks fantastic on him (he has a photo section of it in my galleries linked to the left). We finished out the evening with a delicious meal at the Bamboo Club and then a blackberry and coconut concrete from Goodberrys. For Christmas Eve, we bought some new scented candles and holders, and spent some quality time with Spyder and Zoe here at home, electing to wait and visit my grandparents on Christmas Day. I did call and talk with my mom, but as she had just moved to the coast and was tied up with that, we decided to actually visit each other at a later time. My grandftaher has recently had a stroke, and it was odd to see him so meek and subdued which is very unlike his usual brash jovial self. He did appear to be very happy to see me, however, and I believe he recognized me although I don't know for sure if he knew my name. My aunt (who is a bellydance instructor and is the person who introduced me to the art) and uncle were also there, along with my sister, her husband and their two sons. It was wonderful to see my nephews, Corey and Paul, again - they always make me laugh with their "Malcolm in the Middle" type shenanigans - but I still can't believe they are 6 and 12. It seems like only yesterday that they were little tiny babies, and now Paul is nearly a teenager! Rather than let it get me down, though, I've chosen to look at my aging as moving into the BEST half of my life...

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