Saturday, December 11, 2004

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

We went out to Beaverdam this morning, only to find - not surprisingly - that the trail was closed for riding due to wet conditions. So we took advantage of the soft damp dirt to do some work the park had wanted, and rerouted a section that had been eroding and was in need of repair. After four hours of hard manual labor, we decided to return home, grab some lunch, shower, change and then head out to the - GASP - mall. I had received a limited-time gift certificate for my birthday from one of the stores there and we figured we may as well go spend it before the Christmas shopping rush intensified any more. While traveling down US-1 and crossing through one of the intersections, we couldn't help but notice nine motorcyclists stopped at the side street waiting for the light to change - the first eight were lined up in pairs and each wore a set of reindeer antlers on their helmets. And who was the ninth biker, centered behind the last pair? Why, jolly old St. Nick, of course - adorned in red suit and hat, white beard and all! Talk about Holiday Spirit - I'm still smiling. :)

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