Sunday, January 2, 2005

Happy Ending

Riding Buddies Mother Nature looked must have been happy on December 31, 2004 because the weather was unbelievably mild for early winter here. It was such a gorgeous day that one of my dearest friends and favorite bicycling companions in the whole world decided to head out to Beaverdam with me and Steve for a ride. Finding that one person whose riding style is nearly identical to your own is a rare find, and Sherri is a treasure to me. We seem totally compatible on bike rides. Our skills are comparable, as is our preferred pace, and I never feel as if either of us has to wait for the other or struggle to keep up. We even measure out nearly identically on the bicycle fit kits, so much so that we could swap bikes without the need for any adjustments at all. I never feel the need to apologize to her for holding her up, nor do I find that I have to wait for her. No matter which one of us is leading, the other is always right there on pace, and it seems like no effort at all is required for us to ride the same speed. Even our riding styles are compatible - we are able to encourage each other technically since we both are relatively similar in skills (and fears!), and somehow there never appears to be any competitiveness - only support and encouragement - between us. Our jobs, responsibilities, and the fact that we live far apart limits the times we get to share these bicycling excursions, which makes mine and Sherri's rides together even more precious to me, and I count myself fortunate to have a riding companion like her. I can't think of a better way to say goodbye to 2004 than to spend it on one of my favorite bike trails with dear friends. Happy New Year!

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