Thursday, December 9, 2004

Woman’s Best Friend

There's something about dogs. Maybe it's because I have no children, but my pup holds such a special place in my heart. I can be having the worst day ever in the history of the universe, and yet when I look into Spyder's big accepting, unconditionally loving eyes, all seems somehow right with the world. He appears to know when I'm feeling down, and will do his now famous rollover and cover his eyes for his "peek-a-boo" silliness, to which I have no choice but to laugh out loud and forget all about the mundane worries of the everyday. Each morning after his breakfast, he shares his gratitude for my having prepared his meal by standing as close to my face as possible and giving me that big old dog-food-breath belch that says "thanks mom - that was delicious!", and then insists that I scratch his little pink tummy, at least for a moment. He's my closest little buddy, my doggie-soulmate, and certainly has earned his place as this "woman's best friend".

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