Saturday, December 4, 2004

Dance Video

Today I had the privilege of being invited to participate in the second of the Look Good Feel Good instructional dance video series being produced by my teacher, Qadria of Belly Revelations. How fun to spend the entire afternoon surrounded by my beautiful dance sisters (and brothers - Dave's drumming was incredible, and Jeff even brought us pizza for dinner)! There was so much positive energy that it was almost palpable. Today's taping session included beledi and ayoub rhythms, along with some simple choreography combinations for each. I never realized just how difficult it is to perform dance movements in a mirrored fashion, i.e. using my right to demonstrate what would be the viewer's left. I have plenty of left/right confusion already, and now I truly have a much greater appreciation for the skill of an instructor to be able to do that in front of a class each week! We all also noted just how similar to the rhythms of life a drummer's music can be. Whenever Dave would stop drumming momentarily, we found that we would stop whatever we were doing as well - talking, walking, whatever - like the ebb and flow of our own lifeforces were temporarily suspended! All in all, it was a lovely way to spend the afternoon, and I can hardly wait to see the finished video product.

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