Monday, May 2, 2005

I Love A Challenge

I Love A Challenge! You have to love it when you get the e-mail from your coach outlining your biweekly workout schedule, and the message starts off stating "Yo, This is a tough two weeks..."! I could have gotten scared and intimidated, and decided it's too difficult, I can't, I won't, etc. But if I had allowed myself to be that easily beaten down, I never would have attempted any of the things that have changed me forever and made my life worth living. By refusing a challenge, I never would have considered moving away from my home out in the country surrounded by my family, to a city where I knew no one and was totally alone, which in turn might have meant I never would have met my soulmate, Steve. I never would have given a second thought to learning to ride a bicycle as an adult and thus would have missed out on experiences and journeys about which I could only have dreamed just a few short years ago. So when Charlie says it's going to be a tough two weeks - and especially after perusing the training schedule and deciding for myself that he is quite correct - I say bring it on; I love a challenge!

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