Saturday, April 30, 2005

Dark Mountain

Dark Mountain - More photos in gallery More Dark Mountain - More photos in gallery Since today was my long ride day, we decided to head up to Dark Mountain for a day trip. Thanks to the diligent efforts of the Brushy Mountain Cyclists Club - who were there again today working on the trail as they do regularly - this is one of the most beautiful and sustainable trails in the region. Although I had not ridden here since the Burn 24 Hour race last spring, it surprised me how some of the most innocuous appearing features of a trail can spark very vivid memories. On turning certain corners, I found that I remembered particular root and rock configurations like I had just ridden them yesterday, and could "see" in my mind's eye the twists and turns of the trail that followed these particular sections as clearly as the back of my own hand. With no suspension and no gears, this time I was truly fully able to experience all the undulations and rollercoaster ride feel of the trail. Rather than finding those sensations disconcerting, however, I actually felt more "connected" with my bike and the trail and seemed better able to get into a definitive rhythm with it. Riding these trails was like visiting an old friend and I cherished every lung-busting climb as well as each breathtaking descent. Brushy Mountain Cyclists- More photos in gallery Many thanks to the Brushy Mountain Cyclists. Your efforts are more appreciated than you will ever know!

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