Saturday, May 7, 2005


I love to ride my bike. I Love To Ride My Bike

Lately I've been under a tremendous amount of stress related to various things going on in my life, and I guess I had momentarily forgotten the honesty of that simple statement. I originally didn't want to ride today. I was tired, irritable, unproductively worried about things over which I failed to realize I had no control anyway, and really had to summon all my mental fortitude to load up my bike and head out. I was sullen and grumpy the entire way to the trailhead, determined that I wasn't going to enjoy the ride. However, once I clipped in and headed out into the woods, it didn't take long before nothing mattered except the ribbon of trail. It meandered its way through the trees, punctuated by brilliant strips of sunlight interrupting the cool shade. As I pedaled along, my mind began to liberate itself from the clutter and I surrendered my attention to the natural beauty all around me. I focused on my breathing and concentrated on making smooth even circles with each pedal stroke. Without my even realizing it, the hours just melted away, along with my anxiety and stress, and I felt refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated. Suddenly all those previous seemingly insurmountable mountains of worries had become mere speedbumps that I just pedaled right over. I love to ride my bike.

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