Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ready or Not

Climbing Well, I'm one day away from heading to the hills - that is, the mountains of North Carolina, where I will be competing in the 12 Hours of Tsali this weekend. While I realize that nothing is ever guaranteed in a race, and I have every chance of finishing first, last, or anywhere in between, one thing I do know. I am ready. I'm still very early in my knee rehabilitation and my training, but I've faithfully followed my regimented program to the letter. Over the past couple of months, I've watched my body change and grow stronger, and after last night's recovery ride, I know that I will never look at myself in the same way again. There was a power available to me that I'd never realized I had, muscles working in unison to achieve a common goal. During this time of focusing on healing and strengthening myself, I've learned to accept and love the body in which I live; to work with it as a team, and rather than wishing I was something that I am not, I'm putting forth the time and effort to begin transforming my body - and my mind - into the very best that it can be. It's a long road, a lifetime goal, but I'm on my way. My body, mind and spirit are united, strong, prepared, and I'm looking forward to the challenges ahead.
Looking Forward to the Future

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