Friday, January 28, 2005

Let It Snow

Well, I just got back from physical therapy. Although my therapist had originally thought I would still be able to ride, it appears that my knee is doing terribly again after just an easy spin yesterday. He has given me some new stretches and exercises to do, and showed me how to do deep tissue massage with a "roller" (PAINFUL). But the worst part is that I can not ride my bike, period, for at least a week until after he reevaluates me next Friday, and am to do nothing strenuous (other than the stretches and exercises he gave me) on that leg at all. He did say that I could continue to take dance class "for now", but that he will reassess even that at next Friday's appointment. The only saving grace for my emotional state right now is that they are calling for snow tomorrow, which if it happens, will probably keep most of the trails too wet to ride for at least a week anyway. But still, it's a sad day up here in my house this evening.

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