Thursday, January 6, 2005

The Knee Saga Continues

Well, I went back to the orthopedist yesterday for him to review my MRI films. As it turns out, the initial radiologic diagnosis of a meniscal tear was incorrect. What I do have is fluid around the iliotibial band, along with inflammation and a shortening of said band which runs around the knee and up to the thigh apparently, or what is known as iliotibial band syndrome. While this is most commonly a runner's injury, the repetitive motion of cycling - coupled with my inability to resist overtraining - can contribute to this overuse problem. Fortunately, the treatment of it does not generally require surgery. What I have to do now is get physical therapy which is scheduled to begin next Monday, where they will employ stretching exercises, deep heat, massage, and iontophoresis whereby they will instill medications into the tissues via an electrical impulse - I certainly hope that is less painful than it sounds... Once I receive my exercise information and the other various findings from the physical therapist, I will be taking that information with me to Cycling Specifics to have a comprehensive bike fitting done. This will include checking and correcting any biomechanical abnormalities, cleat positioning, shoe fit and the potential need for orthotics, pedaling dynamics, etc., as well as a training and rehabilitation plan specifically related to cycling with iliotibial band syndrome. They will also go over the physical therapy exercises and help me incorporate those into my bike training program. I'm hopeful that I am finally on the road to recovery - as always, keep your fingers crossed!

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