Saturday, July 13, 2013


Despite not having a natural talent for it, I'm surprisingly finding painting, sketching and drawing more and more to be my salvation. It's peace during times of chaos, courage standing up to fear, and comfort in the face of loneliness. Just picking up a brush, pencil or charcoal and applying it to a blank awaiting page or canvas is simultaneously terrifying and yet liberating in some strange and wonderful way. But each time I face the challenge, regardless of how amateurish the outcome, my spirit seems to reawaken.
I continue to - and likely always will - keep my sketches and paintings reserved for my eyes only, but their purpose right now is to soothe my own soul. And putting my creations out into the universe for judgment and criticism is not, at this time, what my spirit needs or wants. There may be a day when I reach that level of courage, but today is not that day. My little studio itself has undergone some minor arrangement and organizational adjustments as I'm discovering what is more convenient, comfortable and conducive to the creative process by way of trial and error, but is now truly becoming an art sanctuary for me.