Thursday, July 18, 2013

Nature's Bounty

I'm not sure if it was the fantastic mulch we bought from The Mulch Masters, the ratio of sun and shade our back yard receives, the quality of plants we purchased, plain old good luck, or more likely some combination of all the above, but our tomato harvest this season has been nothing short of astounding.

We've lost virtually no produce to disease or pests this year even with the excessive rain we've experienced recently, and our cherry tomato plants have soared to well over 10 feet in height!
Pretty much every single day we bring in plenty not only for ourselves, but enough to share with our neighbors as well. The cherry plants are exceptionally high producers, but we particularly enjoy those so more often than not they get consumed as soon as they are rinsed; that's the reason that bowl looks so sparse in the photo.
Looking forward to what this fall's harvest holds in store and hoping for similar success with the autumn plants.