Sunday, August 28, 2005


Jacquie Phelan This weekend I had the true honor of meeting one of mountain biking's greatest legends, Jacquie Phelan - pro racer, founder of WOMBATS , and certainly one of the premiere bike clinic instructors in the country, if not the world. She was holding a bike camp sponsored by Charlotte's own Dirt Divas , which I had the privilege to attend. Jacquie regaled us with amazing and humorous stories, played the banjo and sang original songs, all the while teaching us valuable riding skills and instilling a sense of confidence and trust in ourselves in a lighthearted, supportive and encouraging environment. While I left the clinic with many newfound basic technical skills to practice, I think the most important thing Jacquie gave me today was renewed self-confidence and methods to quiet that pervasive self-deprecating inner voice in favor of treating myself with more kindness and acceptance, giving back the same support and encouragement that has always seemed to come so easily when directed toward others, but up to now I had been unable to turn inward. She was delightfully joyous, enthusiastic and a wealth of information, a treasure to women (and men) everywhere who ride a bike, and I cherish the time spent with her. Endless thanks to the Dirt Divas for sponsoring the clinic, and to Jacquie for all that she is and does.

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