Sunday, August 7, 2005


Riding at New Light A lot has been going on in the past couple of weeks. I've been to see my sports medicine internist who has asked me to use a Shields knee brace for the time-being when riding due to his diagnosis of a patellofemoral tracking syndrome disorder, worse in my right knee. I am also in the meantime using specific stretches and strengthening exercises daily in order to expedite my ability to discontinue use of the brace as soon as possible.

In addition, I've developed an astigmatism in my eyes and recently received new eyeglasses to help with that. I opted for the Transitions lenses which automatically darken in response to UV ray exposure and then lighten back up upon returning inside as I am notorious for forgetting to wear sunglasses. I am amazed at the difference - I can see now! I didn't realize how blurry my vision had become - probably not helped by my working at a computer all day.

Then yesterday while playing with my dog, Spyder, we accidentally bumped heads and his tooth split my cheek, which required a trip to the urgent care center. Fortunately, they elected not to suture it, but just glued the skin back together with Dermabond or something similar and gave me a tetanus shot. Of course, the doctor did tell me that I will have a large scar to always remind me of my dog, and currently the wound does look rather hideous, especially with the skin glue layered over the bloodied and bruised tissues. Hopefully the healing process will be quick.

On a non health related note, I've recently found a really nice group of folks to ride with on Wednesday evenings. The majority of the guys are laidback, casual, very friendly recreational riders. We've been rotating through the local trails each week at an easy pace on nobody-gets-left-behind rides, which has been wonderful for me, since they've been so kind and patient about tolerating my relative slowness and timidity on technical sections, never making me feel like I'm holding them up (even though I'm sure I do most of the time). I've needed a group like this to ride with, especially since I've gotten so discouraged with my racing and training of late with all the confidence-destroying stress I have with that. It's been very pleasant to be able to head to the trails with people who ride simply because they enjoy riding and the companionship of others who just enjoy riding as well, with no competitiveness involved, just good company, lots of laughs and fun times.

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