Friday, September 16, 2005

New Passion

Forehand practice Through serendipitous timing of a visit to a sporting goods store and the subsequent discovery of a local area tennis association, I have found a new passion which really seems to suit me. I luckily found out that beginner tennis lessons were being offered at the local courts barely a mile from my home the day before the first class, and was able to get registered and attend. I've only had a couple of lessons thus far, but in that short period of time, I've found that I really love this game! I've made some outrageously fun friends, found something athletic that I deeply enjoy doing, and have been particularly fortunate to have a husband willing to share this newfound passion with me! I've been surprised at just what a great time I'm having, and I must admit I'm quite drawn to the more mental aspect of the game of tennis and the fact that it is generally not considered an "extreme" activity (I've really begun to despise that term and the whole image it invokes). I eagerly look forward to each visit to the courts.

Tennis anyone? Tennis Anyone?

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