Sunday, July 24, 2005


Bonding Well, despite the fact that at my physical therapy appointment last week it appeared that I had again developed severe tendonitis - in both knees this time - I was able to come to a compromise with the therapist. He wanted me to stay totally off the bike for four weeks, while I wanted to continue with my intensive training program. We finally agreed to meet each other halfway and let me continue to ride, but at a lower intensity for the next little while to see how things go, at least until I meet with my sports medicine physician at the end of this week. Keep your fingers crossed that doing my stretches, exercises and icing will allow me to continue to bike since that is my respite from the realities of adulthood! Anyway, I decided to brave the heat and took the new bike, "Seven", out for another spin today, this time at New Light. I have to admit that I'm really starting to enjoy the new ride. The fit seems just perfect for me and the bike handles wonderfully. The stable platform rear shock is so responsive that even I, a person who generally is pretty oblivious to things like suspension, am keenly aware of the way it seems to keep the rear tire planted and let bike and rider basically float along the trail as a single unit. The shorter cockpit has been a delight for my low back and I feel much more in control, especially on tight turns, climbs and techy descents. There are still many more rides ahead before the bonding process is complete, but I feel that Seven and I are on our way to becoming a unified team. Now if I can just get these knees on the same page!

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