Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Finding Joy

Henry Ward Beecher once said "One's best success comes after one's greatest disappointments". Trusting this to be true, I'm continuing to forge ahead and paint. Not because I might get juried into a prestigious show someday. Not because I feel like I should. Not even because I might make a sale. I'm continuing to paint because, quite simply, I enjoy it. Sometimes I can get unnecessarily bogged down worrying about what others think of me and by extension, my artwork, especially while holding a juried show rejection letter in my hands! In those moments, I may find myself moping along head-down, missing what is beautiful and joyous lying right under my nose. So tonight, I stopped to consider what makes my heart sing and remembered a spectacular sunset greeting me with open arms of brilliant color at the end of a bike ride on the Neuse River Greenway. And I decided to paint it, for no other reason than it made me happy. :-)
© 2014 Tammy Kaufman - The Waiting Game - soft pastels on Canson Touch paper 7.5" x 10.5"

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