Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It's nothing personal...

But it still hurts. I've received two juried art show rejection letters in about as many weeks, one from the Yadkin Arts Council's "Eye of the Artist" show and the other from Tipping Paint Gallery's "Dog Days of Raleigh" show. And despite the intellectual understanding that having my artwork rejected for a juried show is nothing personal and not necessarily a rejection of me as an artist, that still doesn't quell the sting of rejection. I realize almost every artist faces such disappointment at various times - it's simply part of life - but this felt particularly blues-inducing for me. Maybe it was nothing more than the fact that I received multiple rejections (I submitted a total of six paintings for the two shows and all six were denied entry) in such a short time period that crumpled my confidence.

I'm going to give myself permission to be sad, discouraged and crestfallen for a little while, but will be back after a brief period to try, try again.

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