Monday, November 4, 2013

Three Years

It seems like only yesterday when, still grieving from the loss of my precious Spyder, I learned of a cute little hound who had been rescued from a starvation/ abandonment situation and was in desperate need of a permanent home. I really thought I'd be able to take some time to process both my loss and my readiness for a new dog, but barely managed to survive a week in a dogless house. So on November 4, 2010 Steve and I drove to the foster's home to meet Fry, and it was love at first sight. That sweet face and gentle nature! Something in my heart softly said "yes" and I knew adopting Fry was what Spyder would have wanted me to do.
It's been three years now, and Fry has solidly wedged himself into my life, his little pawprints permanently etched on my heart right next to Spyder's. For me, a home without a dog is just a house and I don't ever want to live in just a house. Fry has settled into our little family as snugly as can be, and his whole-body-wag greeting at the end of a long day at work makes my entire spirit smile.
He's my companion, my guardian and my friend, happily accompanying me everywhere from the hiking trail to the lake to the bike trail and back again.
Just like Spyder before him, Fry makes our family complete. 
Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!

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