Thursday, November 21, 2013

In My Dreams

I often find inspiration to paint from the hidden sanctuaries visited in my dreams. It is intriguing to me that these frequently have water elements in them which I find very calming during my dreams, yet in reality I have somewhat of a fear of large bodies of water. Color is another prominent component of many of my dreams. Sometimes they are soft and muted.  In other dreams, colors are abundant and vivid, almost to the point of harshness. Sometimes I dream of calm and serene locations, and other times of chaotic and visually noisy areas. And then other times, the scenes contain both chaos and calm. One common thread I find with most of the places I see in my dreams, though, is a tendency toward symmetry - perhaps a nod to obsessive-compulsive tendencies? Whatever my dreams may - or may not - mean on a deeper level, it's still always a joy to try to capture those flights of imagination by painting them.

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