Friday, June 28, 2013


It may not look like much more than just a corner of a room, but it's my corner in my room, and so far has turned out to be a surprisingly inspiring nook for my "art studio".
As I continue to delve more deeply into my drawing and painting, I'm sure there will be tweaks made in the layout of the space, but so far it's working out nicely for me. The windows allow lots of natural light during the day, although I have full spectrum overhead lighting as well, with a pleasant view of the back yard. Between the two-drawer cabinet and the storage bin sitting on top if it, I have plenty of easily accessible storage for my art supplies. The small side bookcase (which I sanded and painted myself!) provides convenient access for my pencils, brushes, sketchbooks and reference materials. The chair is comfy, and the desk is adjustable in both height and tilt, and everything is within easy reach. Even though the space is small and minimalistic, I have to admit I'm enjoying having my own little creative sanctuary.