Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Despite having a sort of public blog, surprisingly enough I'm actually a relatively private person. And lately my life has begun to feel somewhat naked and exposed with the overreaching availability of all varieties of social media, which has left me feeling more vulnerable than I'm comfortable with. So as a means of self-nurturing and restoring my spirit, I've decided to "pull the covers over my head" and retreat a bit by permanently deleting the vast majority of my social media profiles. And since I only use the online running and cycling GPS tracker known as Strava for logging my own personal exercise activity, I've set my profile on there to private, unfollowing other athletes and removing those following me. So if you used to be linked to me on any of those applications and find that you now are not, don't take it personally. I'm still biking and still loving it of course, but truthfully I'm less interested in how I stack up to others and more interested in enjoying the journey.

Additionally, I've decided to try my hand at a more creative outlet and have begun attempting to paint. I'm starting out with watercolors and hope to venture into acrylics and oils eventually as well. I clearly did not inherit Mom's natural talent for art so it's doubtful anyone will ever see my creations other than myself and maybe Steve, but I'm finding the process relaxing and fun, and right now that is what really matters.