Sunday, November 11, 2012

Always FRYday

I asked Fry if he wanted to go for a mountain bike ride...
Did somebody say "bike ride"?!?!?
We entered the trail and rode a short distance until we got to the creek, where Fry played in the water for a bit. Our little man is always eager to chase acorns his Daddy tosses into the creek for him to retrieve.
Mr. Happy
Of course, as soon as we get back on the bikes, he's ready to go!
Ready to Go!
My two best guys and I followed the trail as it meandered through the glorious autumn woods.
Me and My Guys
Descending steep chutes.
Dropping In
Climbing past the Uphill Guardian, which earned a doubletake and closer look from Fry.
Climbing Past the Uphill Guardian
Through sweeping turns.
Around the Bend
 Always enjoying the view and the companionship.

Best friends
We navigated over logs and bridges, through rock gardens, down heart-pounding descents, up technical climbs and across fast flat sections of trail as it meandered along the creek and wound through a forest fully clothed in Autumn's finest.

Few things can rival the joys of being on the trail with our best boy; after all, out here it's always FRYday!