Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Biking Kind of Weekend

Fry had so much fun last weekend, he wanted to go out to the bike trail again this weekend.
Eager to get back out on the bike myself, how could I refuse? :-)
 We made it a two-day extravaganza of sorts, deciding to hit the trail both days. Fry was, as usual, the perfect little sidekick, staying just by my rear wheel and giving me encouragement on the climbs
The weather was cool and brisk but sunny on Saturday; still nice and fall-ish if a little grey on Sunday. Perfect weather for mountain biking.

And Fry was thrilled to get to spend both weekend days in the woods with us.
Running with the mountain bikes is one of Fry's favorite activities, and he just keeps getting more and more awesome as a trail dog.
It did take a good bit of positive encouragement, though, to persuade him that the trail scarecrow meant him no harm!
As for me, I'm still loving the Niner and we are really starting to bond more and more. Riding it just makes me smile.
I feel so comfortable on this bike.
It just feels like home and makes every ride a great ride.