Friday, August 17, 2012

Bike Build - Day One

With the arrival of my new Niner RIP 9 frame, the build began this evening. Fry was quite excited when we brought the box in.
The frame itself is quite frankly a work of art in my humble opinion.
My goal:
You're doing a good job Daddy!
Pressing in the headset:
Next, the bottom bracket:
Isn't it lovely?
Time for the cranks, pedals and temporary chainrings - I'm switching it to either a 1X or a 2X once I decide which I prefer.
Rear derailleur:
Rear disc brake. The front will go on once the fork arrives.

Front derailleur:
All finished for Day One - Many thanks to the Best Husband Ever for working late into the night on this. More to come with the arrival of the fork and wheelset.