Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Sweetest Thing

Our little Fry never ceases to amaze me. When Steve and I arrived back home from our trail run with the little man this evening, we saw that one of our neighbors had gotten a new 9-week-old Boxer puppy named Beanie and had her out to meet everyone. Fry, being the social butterfly that he is, of course wanted to meet her too, so we walked over for a visit. The two of them got along immediately, so we invited Beanie over to our fenced back yard to play. Even though Fry, at 48 pounds, is significantly larger than Beanie, he was the absolute perfect gentleman and played so gently with her.
They ran around the yard, and Fry showed Beanie how to chase a ball, He tried to teach her how to pick the ball up by its handle, but she was still a bit too small to do that yet, so he just patiently waited while she pushed it around.

Beanie jumped and climbed all over Fry and he was perfectly happy to let her use him as a Jungle Gym, rolling around on the ground with her, and then very sweetly guiding her back to her feet with his front paws when she flopped over.
I was amazed at how sweetly Fry played with the little puppy, demonstrating the softest "Lab mouth" I've ever seen. He reminded me so much of the way our precious Zoe used to play so gently with little doggies.
Since Fry is much quicker and stronger than Beanie, when they ran around the yard in a game of chase, he made sure to allow her to "catch" him often and happily let her dictate most of the play, never getting annoyed or irritable, no matter how much she climbed on him, barked or play-growled. This is the first time we've seen Fry interact with a baby puppy this young and I'm so proud of my sweet, gentle, patient boy - he really is a treasure.