Thursday, July 19, 2007

Quantum Healing

Over the past eight years, Spyder's storm/noise phobia has gradually been escalating, so I was delighted when Susan King of Companion Chi agreed to enroll him in a Quantum Healing trial to hopefully address this concern.  At Susan's suggestion, I also started Spyder on some flower essences from Green Hope Farm whose employees were extremely helpful in advising me on which essences were recommended for Spyder based on his fears and reactions to loud noises.  Susan has now been working with us for a couple of months and I'm delighted to report that Spyder has shown an incredibly dramatic change.  He no longer gets hysterical and inconsolable with storms and other loud noises, and even slept through the bulk of our latest big thunderstorm last evening!   I'm not sure whether it's the essences or Companion Chi's Quantum Healing techniques or a combination of both - although my best guess would be the combination - which has given Spyder such amazing results.  All I know for sure is that I am beyond happy to see my baby getting such tremendous relief from his anxiety.  I plan to continue him on the flower essences, as he seems to derive much benefit from them, even "asking" for them in times of stress.  Additionally, Susan has indicated that Spyder appears to be capable now of instituting calming techniques for noise phobia control on his own, so no longer needs her assistance in this area.  However, she is going to work with us further on addressing some of his additional anxieties which, according to her, most likely originated from his youth as a stray and then being confined at the animal shelter for so long prior to his adoption into our home - and our hearts.  I'm deeply grateful to Green Hope Farm and Companion Chi for their kind assistance in helping us with Spyder's anxieties and he and I highly recommend them both to anyone seeking to improve the quality of life for themselves and their pets.


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