Sunday, July 1, 2007

On The Road Again…


  Yeah, I know, I know - I keep saying I'm not going to buy another bike and then I go and do it anyway.  Well, yesterday was no exception.  Honestly, we were just "stopping by" the bike shop to say hello and maybe look around for something for Steve.  After all, it was his birthday Thursday.  And yet, here I am out riding my brand new Road Bike this afternoon!  I have to say, though, for my first "real" road ride in probably more than a year, this bike actually made it fun for me again, which is no small feat, considering how difficult cycling has been since the surgery. 


  The ride of the Lemond Versailles is very smooth and the bike has a solid, secure feel, while still being plenty snappy and easy handling.  It carves the turns nicely for me and overall is just plain fun!  Zoe and Andy were pretty nonplussed about the whole thing, but Spyder really seemed psyched about the new addition!


Oh and by the way, Steve's new Trek Madone should be here within the next couple of weeks...

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