Sunday, October 26, 2014

More Baby Steps

The WheelChix women's mountain bike club had another clinic today, and what a great day it was to be out on the trail! Having been only sporadically biking lately due to a combination of being overweight and very out of shape, plus being so busy with life in general, I really needed this beginner and beyond clinic. It was also a big boost to my currently failing confidence. Today's topics included, among others, basic body positioning on the bike, cornering, climbing,
uphill obstacles,
Uphill Obstacle
descending techy sections,
and my nemesis, skinnies. Today was the first time I actually got up the nerve to ride this one, and I made it the entire way, TWICE, as well as the inverted V-shaped skinny at the end of the section too! Yay!
Thanks to Pryde and Steve for their help, coaching and spotting, and to Steve for the photos.

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