Sunday, December 9, 2007

Frostbite Doubles

I have to admit it seemed a bit weird donning short sleeves and a bare-legged skort to play tennis in December. However, apparently Mother Nature decided to grace us with beautiful weather for the Frostbite Doubles Tennis Tournament hosted by the City of Raleigh this weekend. Steve and I teamed up and decided to compete despite hardly practicing at all this fall and winter, and were promptly crushed in our first round. In our defense, though, our first-round competitors wound up being the team that ended up winning our entire division. We did somehow manage to pull out a win in the first consolation round, which was a surprising thrill. As our second round competitors elected to withdraw from the tournament, our default win there took us to the Consolation Finals. Although we fought hard, a win in the finals eluded us, but we were still quite pleased to accept the title of Consolation Finalists, and are looking forward to the Wake Forest Frostbite Doubles coming up next month.

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