Sunday, June 26, 2005

Cowbell 12 Hour Challenge

Mellow Jeunies After years of endurance racing on my own as a solo rider, I was finally able to convince my best riding buddy, Sherri, to join me and race as a duo for the Cowbell 12 Hour Challenge. As it turns out, I could not have asked for a more perfect teammate! She was always smiling and cheerful, full of energy and joy, and generally delightful to be around. Also, our lap times were within just a couple of minutes of each other for the entire event which made for very evenly matched rest and ride sessions, and I had a fantastic time at this race! Taylor Sullivan, Bart Stetler and company put on a most enjoyable event and I look forward to this one every summer. Sherri and I ended up having 13 recorded laps. I say "recorded" because Taylor was kind enough to let me ride with Sherri on her last lap as we don't live near one another anymore and rarely get to ride together, so only her time on the last lap was counted - I was just riding as her companion for that one. This meant that logistically we each turned 7 laps which equaled roughly 41 miles apiece according to my cyclometer. Sherri's husband, Steve, served as her support and our mechanic, while my husband, Steve, raced in the Singlespeed Solo class, bringing home second place with 14 laps! Sherri's hubby also was kind enough to take some photos for us during the race, some of which can be found Here. It was great seeing so many friends out there - Erinna who was just awesome in the Female Solo category, Ed and Robin who had raced with us at the Tsali 12 Hour last month, and of course Michael and Sue. Sue ended up with 5 laps, one above her goal, for her first attempt at the Solo Female 6 Hour class - way to go! Having those two camped next to us really makes a race extra fun and entertaining - thanks for all the laughs folks!! It was a pleasure too, as always, to see the ever-friendly and helpful Dirt Divas out and about - special congrats to Jennifer on an impressive first solo event! - along with LouAnn and her team of amazingly skilled and delightful ladies. Much gratitude to everyone who made this event so memorable and fun - I'm already looking forward to next year!
Second Place Female Duo

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