Friday, March 18, 2005


Charlie sent me my primary assignment last evening which was to answer a questionnaire about my goals - daily, monthly, race season, yearly, 2-5 years, and lifetime. While it initially sounded pretty simple, once I began writing, it became painfully obvious that I had never really set definitive goals for myself. I realized that my soul had basically been a homeless vagrant, wandering the universe randomly in search of itself. I think I learned more about my own psyche in those couple of hours staring mutely at that blank piece of paper than I have in a lifetime of scurrying about, working, going, doing, but not really ever taking the time to just "be" and find out who I really am. It was such a seemingly simple assignment, and yet so profound that I am even now at a loss for words to describe the intensity of the revelations it brought to my conscious mind. If you have never set forth to definitively name your own goals for today, next week, next year, YOUR LIFETIME, I would suggest you consider doing so. It could deeply and profoundly change your life, and reveal to you the remarkable person inside that you may not yet know.

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