Thursday, August 15, 2019

First Public Art Project!

My fabulous husband, Steve, brought it to my attention that the Town of Wake Forest had a public art project available that perhaps we should consider. The greenway beautification Sewer Structure Art Project involved painting sewer structures along the local greenway systems and since we both bicycle and walk these greenways almost daily, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. So we checked out the list of approved structures, selected the one we wanted to paint and submitted a very rough pencil sketch of our idea for painting it with a wildflower and insect theme to fit in with our love of nature.

Our structure selection and submission were accepted and arrangements were made to select our paint colors and necessary materials. Despite Mother Nature throwing us a few curveballs with afternoon and evening thunderstorms on the originally planned paint days, we were finally able to get out last month and get the primer coats - which also served as our background sky color - applied. Fortunately, the rain held off long enough for both coats of primer to dry thoroughly with no issues. 

Once the primer had fully dried, we were able to get out and complete the project, carrying all our painting supplies to the greenway structure on our bicycles, of course! 

Despite the brutal heat and humidity, Steve and I had a lot of fun with this and felt like kids again - painting cheery flowers and insects winding their way up and around the tank and exhaust pipe using heavy duty brushes, foam sponges and even our hands! 

We hope our project brings a smile to users of the Dunn Creek Greenway, and are grateful to the Town of Wake Forest for this opportunity!

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