Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mixing Things Up

I've spent the past few evenings enjoying mountain biking on the new Salsa in light of the warm sunny weather and dry trails we had to start off the week, so didn't do any painting in the last two days.

But with the arrival of exceedingly heavy rain today which closed all the bike trails, I headed back to the studio tonight to continue with my series of palette knife acrylic paintings, creating another smallish work. Like the previous two, this one was created alla prima using only palette knives for paint application. I still need to come up with a name for this series, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
© 2014 Tammy Kaufman - Mysteria - acrylic on canvas using palette knives 11" x 14"
In addition to the series, just to mix things up a bit, I also decided to paint a tree that had caught my eye while we were biking on the greenway the other day. As an experiment, I did this one using a very limited watercolor palette and India ink on Bristol paper.
© 2014 Tammy Kaufman - Along Horseshoe Bridge - watercolor and India ink on Bristol paper 11" x 14"
And in other news...with the heavy downpour of rain continuing tonight, we noticed a little bit of water dripping onto the coffee table - one of our skylights has apparently sprung a small leak. Thankfully, the leaking skylight is not in my studio, but our weekend plans are pretty obvious now as we have to get that problem addressed and taken care of immediately before it expands into a major - and expensive - repair. Hopefully the rain will end soon and we can get that fixed pronto.

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