Sunday, May 4, 2014

Back to Joyner

This evening, we again headed to E. Carroll Joyner Park for the Six Sundays in Spring free concert series. I joined fellow Wake Forest Guild of Artists member, Anne, this week and we painted down by the pond, while enjoying the soulful and folksy music of Walking for Pennies.
What fun it is to paint outdoors!
My charming new friend, Anne, creating a beautiful oil painting
It was simply a perfect evening to be outdoors - the joy of spending quality time with my sweetheart of a husband in stunning spring weather in the park, visiting with a variety of friendly people interested in talking about art, listening to talented musicians, and having the opportunity to paint in the company of - and learn a great deal from - a delightful and incredibly talented artist.

Up until this past week, I've tended to paint primarily from my imagination, so painting en plein aire (in the outdoors) is a whole new experience for me. I'm finding that I'm continuing to paint what I imagine rather than what I actually see, and I still tend to use the landscape before me only as a vague reference. But hopefully with time and more practice painting outside this summer, I'll get the hang of painting what is actually there and work on learning to let Mother Nature, rather than pure imagination, be my primary guide when working en plein aire.

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