Monday, December 9, 2013

Things Are Getting Sketchy!

Since picking up a couple of nice watercolor sketchbooks at Art of the Carolinas, I've been really trying to make a dedicated effort to sketching almost every day with at least one goal being to improve my painting. At some point I plan to take an actual class on drawing to make sure I'm doing the correct things, but for now, I'm certainly enjoying just trying the various media to do quick sketches, both from life and from my own imagination. I most often use pen markers with either fiber or brush tips and occasionally will sketch with watercolors or pencils. However, tonight I decided to give India ink a try, using watercolor washes along with it. I'm really enjoying this new medium and am excited to discover all the things I can do with it. :-)

I've also been working a lot with pen markers in my sketchbooks to try and teach myself to draw more quickly and hopefully with better looseness and free expression. The wider chisel-tipped and brush markers make it easier to cover larger sections of the page. But I try to use the smaller tipped markers as well, to make me think more about my mark-making and color choices. One thing I am definitely becoming quickly aware of is that I need to find some classes on color theory asap!

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