Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays Y'all!

The Holiday week started out as a last gasp of summer on Saturday and Sunday with highs in the 70s and 80s! So of course, we had to get the mountain bikes out and take Fry to the trail - which he naturally thought was just awesome.
It was quite pleasant to be able to ride through the creek without the water being freezing cold when it splashed up. And look - short sleeves in December!
The weather was so nice on Sunday that after our ride, I did a little sketching outside on the back deck,
while Fry played in the yard with Daddy.
Happiest. Doggy. Ever.
Today the weather was decidedly colder and definitely felt more like December. But since Steve finished putting my extra special birthday present together last evening and the rain finally stopped this morning, we took the new full rigid singlespeed "Dollar Bike" (thanks Kelly and Vanessa!) out for a test ride.
The "Dollar Bike"
What fun! I had forgotten how much I used to enjoy the carefree ease of riding my previous FR-SS (no gears or suspension or drivetrain to worry with) and it's so nice to have one again.
Frylie and Me with the "Dollar Bike"
Happy Holidays y'all!

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