Monday, September 24, 2012

Two-Wheeled Weekend

It was another phenomenally beautiful weekend so Steve, the Niner and I ventured out again to enjoy Mother Nature. On Saturday we headed west to try out the Moore's Springs Trails. While this trail was definitely fun in sections, I admit I felt a bit overwhelmed by the very numerous extremely tight hairpin switchbacks and off-camber ledges (I'm more than a little terrified of heights), not to mention the literally thousands of hard mountain acorns littering the trail. During most of the six-mile ride, the sound of the acorns falling from the trees sounded eerily like gigantic hail! So it was a very slow and hesitant ride for me, but the scenery was absolutely gorgeous so my crawling speed gave me plenty of time to enjoy that. :-)
Sunday we stayed closer to home and elected to make this our "longer ride" day, putting in nearly 25 miles total - my longest mountain bike ride yet for the past couple of years. Still fatigued from the previous day, I did wimp out on some of the steeper and more technical climbs, but I was pleased to make almost all the logs.
Including the pyramids.
And several refreshing creek crossings.
I worked on my fear of heights a little at a time on the easier and flatter bridges.
Even working up to the more challenging bridges including the elevated ones and the funky curved ones.
And I actually managed to clean most of the rock gardens this time!
To finish off the weekend, we took Fry for his routine run on our final ride Sunday evening. All in all, it was a spectacular weekend of riding, and I can hardly wait til next time.