Monday, April 18, 2011

Every Day is FRYday

Frylie has now been with us for a little over five months and the bonding process has definitely taken hold, especially for me. I took him for a private lesson with his pet-sitter/trainer, Christie at Teamworks Dog Training, and he has shown a dramatic response. Fry now sits quietly for petting when meeting new people, and is doing incredibly well with his focusing exercises such that I can get his attention immediately with a simple verbal command. His sweet nature, cute face and docile personality make him absolutely irresistible.

I'm also seeing some additional very impressive maturity for such a young dog at only 12 months old. Despite being what we suspect is some type of pointer/hound mix, he has demonstrated a remarkable ability to control his prey drive. Two young rabbits and two squirrels were playing in our front yard this weekend while we had Fry on the porch with us. The youngsters ran right in front of him, probably not more than a few feet away, and although he was quite interested, Fry immediately responded by sitting quietly when asked and made no effort to chase the rabbits or the squirrels. On the trail this past week,  he once again demonstrated his "chase" control by calling off a full herd of deer running right across the trail in front of him.

But one of his most amazing talents has to be his incredible agility and confidence. Out on our daily trail hike, he time and again wows us with his ability to run at full speed and turn on a dime, jump nimbly from limb to limb on a fallen tree, zip across narrow bridges, swim out in the lake to retrieve sticks, and maneuver deftly around our mountain bikes. As impressive as all that is, however, last week he truly left me speechless. When a squirrel raced up a tree to taunt him, Fry decided to just climb about five feet up the tree and give the squirrel a quick scare before hopping effortlessly back down and splashing through the creek and then falling in behind the bikes to head back home.

With this precious little boy, every day really is FRYday. :-)

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