Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The C Word

Spyder Update - Our veterinarian just called after she and her partner reviewed Spyder's radiographs from his ER visit last week and said the word we had been dreading: osteosarcoma. Apparently the consensus is that his radiographic abnormality is almost certainly bone cancer in his left upper leg and shoulder area. While the preferred treatment for this aggressive and terminal disease is amputation, Spyder's history of bilateral hip surgeries as a puppy eliminates this as an option, so we are left with establishing a palliative course of treatment for whatever quality time he has remaining. He has an appointment for baseline blood work next week, and we will determine, along with his veterinarians, a treatment plan to provide him with the highest quality of life possible for the time he has left. Right now, our primary concern is keeping him as comfortable as we can, and making sure he knows just how much he is loved. For the past eleven years, he's been my best buddy, my guardian, my permanent sidekick, and I cherish every moment with him. During some of the darkest times of my life, he has been able to lift me up with his unfettered happy spirits, and can always make me laugh, even when depression has its tightest hold on me. His joyous celebration of life with every waking moment is an inspiration to us all, and I plan to enjoy every second we have left with him, whether it's one month or one year or, hopefully, even more than that.

And although my heart is breaking today, I want to keep my brave face on for the little man who has been my best buddy and center of my heart for the past eleven years, and will always be my little Spyder.

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