Thursday, October 7, 2010

Back to the Emergency Hospital

Unfortunately, Spyder's pain intensified overnight and he was unable to bear weight again this morning. Since his regular veterinarian's office is closed on Thursdays, we went back to the emergency hospital where he was seen by the head of the Oncology Department. He discussed with us the various pain control options and we elected to try a three-drug therapy, plus a gastrointestinal protectant to shield against the toxic effects of these powerful medications. Right now, Spyder appears to be having some difficulty adjusting to the "loopy" effects resulting from the combination of gabapentin, Rimadyl and tramadol, and seems a bit restless, moving about the living room trying to find a comfortable position. He continues to have a severe limp and remains unable to really bear weight on his left front leg, but has taken a couple of naps since we got home, and I think is finally managing to get some bit of rest by stretching out on his favorite blankets on the couch. He even occasionally will roll over to get his tummy rubbed. Even so, I feel so helpless watching my poor sweet boy struggle to walk and trying to be so brave in spite of his cancer. His attitude, however, remains as loving and engaging as always, and I continue to see a zest for life in his eyes; in spite of his pain, his tail still wags and his ears still perk at the sound of my voice which makes me smile in the saddest of ways. Hopefully this new drug regimen will offer him some relief for the next day at least, until he goes in to see his regular doctor for some lab work and a discussion of whether to continue his current treatment or make any necessary adjustments to maximize his comfort level. As the photo below shows, the shoulder continues to exhibit severe firm swelling and protrusion. Please keep our precious Spyder (and us) in your thoughts.

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