Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another Spyder Update

Spyder woke us up early this morning, asking to go outside where he had a small amount of diarrhea. Other than that, though, he seemed to feel fine and was acting completely normally so we headed off to work. By the time we arrived home this afternoon, however, things had taken a downturn. Spyder's diarrhea had gotten much worse, and he was "reverse sneezing" a lot, followed by a single episode of vomiting. I immediately called the vet, who suspected it was the canned dog food he had had for dinner last night that triggered this latest abdominal issue. So he is now on an overnight fast to clear his tummy, and we will try him on some bland chicken and dry kibble in the morning. As of now, he hasn't had any more diarrhea or vomiting, although he continues to "reverse sneeze" which does worry me some. The vet thinks, and Steve agrees, that that is probably just related to his tummy being upset and most likely nothing to really be concerned about at this time, but as he is my little furbaby, I'm having a hard time not worrying. While he is not in particularly acute distress, he certainly is not his usual self right now, so I elected to forego tonight's match to stay home and look after him. Hopefully now that his gastric upset seems to have settled down some, he will be able to get some rest, and the overnight fast and resumption of a bland diet in the morning will resolve the tummy issue completely.

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