Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Beautiful Weekend


With the arrival of a beautiful weekend boasting high temperatures in the 90s - in April! - I decided yesterday that it might be a good time to give mountain biking another try. For quite some time now, riding has lost much of its luster and I was hopeful that the spectacular summery weather might brighten my outlook and enjoyment of the sport. As Steve and I headed out onto the trails at Beaverdam, I was not disappointed. Despite going out a little too hard at first, I managed to settle into a nice rhythm and had such a nice time, I gave some thought to perhaps taking the bike out again.

Of course, first I got to experience the hilarity last night of watching Spyder manage to fit himself completely into the cats' tiny fleece bed... 


Sunday dawned with the promise of yet another glorious summery day, so we elected to give Lake Crabtree a spin this time and, surprisingly enough, I had an even better ride today! Hopefully I'm learning to be patient with myself as I slowly regain fitness and strength, and will continue to enjoy biking as much as I have this weekend, giving me a real chance to rekindle my previous love for the sport... :-)


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