Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Greetings From New Orleans!

New Orleans Wedding  Steve and I spent the last four days in New Orleans, celebrating the wedding of his cousin, Jacob, to his fiancee, Sophia.  It was wonderful to again visit with relatives we had not seen in many months, and meeting Sophia's delightful family as well.  We walked through the French Quarter, where our hotel was also located, and enjoyed the delicious brunches offered in this historic city.  Over the weekend, we attended the wedding rehearsal dinner, and then a beautiful evening wedding, followed by a fabulous night of dining, drinks and dancing at the wedding reception. 

 The evidence of Katrina's devastation sadly still remained in many parts of New Orleans, but it was also obvious that the locals love this city and the rebuilding continues. 

We had the pleasure of enjoying the entertainment provided by street musicians, as well as watching the mule-drawn carriages, streetcars, and riverboats pass by.  Shops filled with fabulous estate antiques were abundant, as well as tourist stores with Mardi Gras beads hanging from every window, and the palm trees swayed gracefully with every breeze through the parks surrounded by grand old southern homes.

It was definitely a weekend to remember and we always will.

  Dancing at the reception.

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