Sunday, February 4, 2007

Polar Doubles

Steve and I participated in the Polar Doubles tennis tournament this weekend at the lovely Cary Tennis Park and had an absolute blast, despite the cold temperatures and bitter winds.  As there were no other 5.0 mixed teams signed up, we were bumped up into the 6.0 category, so we knew going in we were going to be at a definite disadvantage, but were excited just to be playing and there was certainly no pressure!  With three other teams in our division, we played in a round-robin format which gave us three matches, two on Saturday and one today.  We did maintain our perfect loss record throughout the tournament, falling to each of our respective opposing teams, but met some great new friends and had a wonderful weekend together.  Besides, I was able to celebrate vicariously through my friends, Sherri and Julie, who ended up winning their division!  Also, I'm happy to report that my knee actually felt pretty good with the new Shields type brace.  I have been diligent with the brutally painful exercises prescribed for me by my physical therapist, and even though I lie on the floor and cry every evening while forcing myself through the pain, I believe it has been effective, as my range of motion is definitely increasing with each passing day.  As an added bonus, after our third and final match this afternoon, my opponent actually invited me to join her USTA league team!  So it looks like I'll be participating for the first time in some women's league tennis coming up in the next few weeks, something about which I'm very excited!  I'm really looking forward to meeting my new teammates and getting back out on the courts in the coming weeks, but now it's physical therapy exercise time...

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